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Pain Management: Orthopedic Treatment / Arthritis and Sports Medicine Therapy

At CMP, we design targeted treatments to effectively control pain in acute and chronic conditions found in areas of musculoskeletal pain and neuropathy. Effective pain management requires individualized therapy that takes into account the stage of the ailment or affliction, concurrent medical conditions and characteristics of the pain.

We work orthopedic surgeons, highly regarded pain specialists, family physicians, nurse practitioners,  chiropractors, RMT’s and the patient to identify the correct medication, dosage and best route of administration for treatment.

Topical delivery systems are used to control pain and act locally on damaged or dysfunctional soft tissues or peripheral nerves. They are not absorbed through the gastrointestinal system and do not undergo first pass hepatic metabolism therefore reducing the potential for side effects.

Using a topical route of application can achieve multiple times greater medication(s) to a targeted area more quickly and will often cost less than traditional medications.

Forms for other routes of administration for individualized pain management that we prepare are injections, sprays, capsules, intranasal, troches, vaginal and rectal suppositories.

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